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Three Seater Recliner

Artfully sculped with a sophisticated Flair, this recliner will surprise your guests. These stylish loking seats are meant for a great movie experience. Minimum 2 people should lift any sofa & it should be lifted from its base & should not be dragged from arm or any other part. Arm stitching will tear if the sofa is dragged/pushed from the arms.

Mechanism Option: Manual and Motorized HT Option

Note: Dimensions: Height - 40 Inches x Width - 80 Inches x Depth - 33 Inches

Three Seater Recliner

Warranty - 1 year

Dimensions -

  • A : 99cm (39")
  • B : 101.6cm (40")
  • C : 109.2cm (43")
  • D : 167.5cm (66")

Colour: Any (As Per client requirment)