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Welcome to I Space Furniture System Pvt Ltd.

I Space Furniture System is a one-stop-solution for all kinds of recliner chairs & Sofa for Home theater and cinema and home also, day care facilities, Comfortably , For Living room, and Hospitalized client. The different kinds of chairs available with us are aesthetically designed, colourful and extremely durable. Under the guidance of Tarun Khanna, Director of Recliner furniture, the company has grown rapidly and has developed a place of its own in this ever growing industry.

Our Team

Unwavering Commitment Of Our Team Members Has Contributed A Lot In Maintaining Standard And Extensive Clientele. I-Space Furniture Has An Expert Team Of:

  • Warehouse Experts
  • Sales And Marketing Professionals
  • Quality Auditors
  • Administrators
Regular Interaction Of "Sales And Marketing Team" With Clients Helps Us Understand Their Precise Requirement So That We Can Supply Product That Perfectly Suits Their Needs. Moreover, Quality Auditors Of The Company Supervise And Inspect The Product Acquired From Vendors To Make Sure That They Meet The Standard Of Industry. In The End, Administrators Also Interact With Other Department To Maintain Affluent Functioning Of Organization.

Our Distribution Network

Leading Aim Of I-SPace Is To Facilitate Customers With Better And Quality Products. To Make An Allowance For This, Company Has Set Up Many Branches And Created A Broad Network Of Vendors Running Successfully In Different Parts Of Country. A Perfect Distribution Network Provides An Easy Access To Meet The Constraints Of Clients In An Appropriate Manner. We Have Our Supply Network In : Click Here